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META Quest PRO + IT Support by Reboot Imagine

META Quest PRO + IT Support by Reboot Imagine

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The META Quest PRO XR headset, an entertainment, enterprise and business focused headset by META designed to supercharge your enterprise's spatial computing / XR capabilities. Paired with Reboot Imagine's industry Leading Services & Support. (Learn More)

The KIT Includes the following:

    Headset Specs

    Brief Highlights:

    • World-class counter-balanced ergonomics meet sleek design to create a more comfortable headset for extended wear.
    • Product Dimensions:
      • 265mm (L) x 127mm (H) x 196mm (W)
      • 265mm - length assumes minimum strap setting
    • Product Weight:
      • 722g


    • Full-color mixed reality allows you to work, create, and collaborate in the virtual world while staying present in the physical world. Meta Quest Pro features stereoscopic mixed reality passthrough, offering a natural view of the world in 3D. This results in a high-quality, premium comfort experience with great depth perception and low visual distortion for both close-up and room-scale mixed reality scenarios.


    • Bring more of your personality into virtual experiences with real-time expression tracking. Meta Quest Pro features 5 infrared eye and face tracking sensors capable of a 120-degree field of view each, arranged optimally to capture upper and lower facial movements, delivering enhanced expressiveness and precision.


    • Includes 3 cameras and a Snapdragon mobile processor per controller, offering a 360-degree range of motion in your virtual space. TruTouch haptic feedback and precision pinch motion create an intuitive VR experience, making the controllers feel like natural extensions of your hands.
    • Controller Dimensions:
      • 130 x 70 x 62mm
    • Controller Weight:
      • 153g (per controller)
    • Controller Processor:
      • Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 mobile processor per controller
    • Controller Tracking:
      • SLAM with 3 camera sensors per controller
    • Built-in rechargeable batteries, providing up to 10 hours of controller battery life.


    • With thin pancake lenses, increased pixel density, local dimming, and quantum dot technology, you'll experience the world in a whole new way. Whether you're connecting with friends, reading, multitasking, or playing games, you'll immediately notice great visual clarity. The pancake optics also reduce the depth of the optical stack, while specialized local dimming technology provides more contrast and richer, more vibrant colors.

    High-Performance Hardware:

      • 256GB storage
      • 12GB RAM
      • 10 advanced VR/MR sensors to support 6 degrees of freedom inside-out SLAM tracking, color mixed reality, and eye/face tracking.
      • New Snapdragon XR2+ platform optimized for MR and VR, providing a powerful experience while balancing performance with thermal dissipation.


    • The companion Charging Dock is designed for effortless system charging with a rapid 45W adapter included to keep Meta Quest Pro and controllers ready whenever your creativity strikes.
    • Battery Life:
      • Up to 2 hours based on the type of content used on Meta Quest Pro.
      • Charge Time: With the provided Charging Dock, Meta Quest Pro will charge to a full battery in about 2 hours.


    • Meta Quest Pro offers adjustable levels of VR immersion, accommodating an IPD* range of 55-75 mm with continuous mechanical lens spacing adjustment for better visual clarity and reduced eye strain.


    • Improved built-in audio system with dynamic bass extension and crystal clear midrange for a more natural audio experience. Combined with spatial audio processing, it immerses you in the VR experience. Reduced sound leakage enhances privacy during calls and meetings.


    • Enabled with a Full Wi-Fi 6E experience* in the 6GHz broadband spectrum, providing blazing fast throughput for better remote desktop streaming and a true untethered PC VR experience.
    • Wifi:
      • Wi-Fi 6E enabled
    • Bluetooth:
      • Bluetooth 5.2 for connecting keyboard, mouse, or game pads
    • PC-based VR:
      • Supported with Link and Air Link
      • Requires Wi-Fi 6E compatible network (available in supported Wi-Fi 6E regions).


    • Meta Quest Pro features an enhanced 3-mic array, 4 speakers, 2 3.5mm jacks, offering higher fidelity spatial audio with improved privacy.


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