Partners & Vendors

Reboot Remote for Vendors is Reboot Imagine's flagship managed service provider solution customized to help software and hardware vendors, builders, and activators of spatial computing/XR to simplify and streamline their operations. We offer two plans, Vendor and Vendor+, to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

    Benefits of Reboot Remote for Vendors

    There are a number of benefits to using Reboot Remote for Vendors, including:

    • Simplified procurement and management: Reboot Imagine can handle all aspects of the procurement and management of your spatial computing/XR devices, from selecting the right devices to provisioning and deploying them to your customers.

    • Reduced costs: Reboot Imagine can help you to save money on your spatial computing/XR devices by offering volume discounts and negotiating with vendors on behalf of its customers.

    • Expert support: Reboot Imagine provides expert support for spatial computing/XR devices. You can contact Reboot Imagine for assistance with any aspect of your spatial computing/XR deployment, from initial setup to ongoing troubleshooting.

    • Increased sales and customer satisfaction: By providing your customers with the trusted expert support, you can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.



    Enterprise spatial computing and XR transform businesses with immersive technologies. By blending virtual and augmented reality, companies enhance productivity, collaboration, and training, unlocking new levels of innovation and efficiency in the corporate world.

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    Location-based entertainment (LBE) offers immersive experiences with VR and AR, combining interactive content and physical environments for unforgettable adventures in virtual worlds. It's the future of entertainment, blending digital and physical realms for unparalleled experiences.

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