• Tailored Solutions & Provisioning

    We offer tailored solutions, products, and services to meet your unique needs. Our team makes sure that your spatial computing/XR devices align with your standards and branding.

  • Procurement & Fleet Management

    We pre-configure your spatial computing/XR devices with your desired software for easy of use and include services like device management, remote deployment, and security for a complete solution.

  • Deployment & Technical Support

    We work with you to create a seamless deployment plan and offer on-site or remote installation services. Our technical support team is available through email, phone, or text 24/7.

  • RMA & Repair Services

    We make the return authorization process for devices hassle-free. Additionally, we handle all warranty claims and repairs on your behalf so you can focus on your core business.

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IT Support For VR

Dedicated Managed Services For The Spatial Computing Era!

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  • Email:

    For assistance or questions by email, contact our Account Managers.

  • Phone:

    For assistance or questions by phone, contact our Account Managers at 1-800-621-3064.

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Vendor (ISV) Services

Comprehensive services & support for vendors seeking to simplify provisioning, deployment & technical support operations.

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