• Tailored Solutions & Provisioning

    We offer tailored solutions, products, and services to meet your unique needs. Our team makes sure that your spatial computing/XR devices align with your standards and branding.

  • Procurement & Fleet Management

    We pre-configure your spatial computing/XR devices with your desired software for easy of use and include services like device management, remote deployment, and security for a complete solution.

  • Deployment & Technical Support

    We work with you to create a seamless deployment plan and offer on-site or remote installation services. Our technical support team is available through email, phone, or text 24/7.

  • RMA & Repair Services

    We make the return authorization process for devices hassle-free. Additionally, we handle all warranty claims and repairs on your behalf so you can focus on your core business.

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Enterprise Store

Hand-Selected Spatial Computer/XR for confident Remote and Hybrid Work operations

Reboot Remote

Industry pioneering and leading comprehensive suite of Spatial Computing/XR managed services that ensures seamless operations, enhanced security, and optimal performance.

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Simulation & Training


Enterprise and SMB spatial computing/XR can transform businesses with immersive technologies. By blending virtual and augmented reality, companies enhance productivity, collaboration, and training, unlocking new levels of innovation and efficiency in the business world.

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Entertainment (LBE)

Location-based entertainment (LBE) offers immersive experiences with VR and AR, combining interactive content and physical environments for unforgettable adventures in virtual worlds. It's the future of entertainment, blending digital and physical realms for unparalleled experiences.

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Immersive Learning


We curate cutting-edge Spatial/XR labs, providing hardware, software, and ongoing management to ensure seamless, effective training simulations.

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Client Showcase


  • Email:

    For assistance or questions by email, contact our Account Managers.

  • Phone:

    For assistance or questions by phone, contact our Account Managers at 1-800-621-3064.


Making It Easier

Discover how Reboot Imagine has made a difference at businesses and educational institutions. Streamline the adoption of spatial computing / XR with Reboot Imagine.

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