Reboot Remote

Industry pioneering and leading comprehensive suite of Spatial Computing/XR managed services that ensures seamless operations, enhanced security, and optimal performance.

If you are looking for additional support not listed above, please contact us: [Contact Link] so we can discuss potential solutions.

Windows 365 part of Reboot Remote:

Unparalleled, Industry Leading Services & Support Capabilities:

  • 1hr / On-Demand Support Plans: We prioritize client’s needs, ensuring prompt solutions within an hour of contacting us.
  • 24/7/365 Availability: Never worry about downtime – our support team is always here to assist, regardless of the hour or day.
  • HIPAA, IT-SEC, and PCI Compliance: We prioritize sensitive data protection and adhere to the strictest industry standards for privacy and security.
  • White-Glove Customer Service: Imagine complete peace of mind. We ensure headsets are optimally configured, proactively address any issues, and provide ongoing support. In essence, white glove service entails providing clients with a dedicated partner, a recognizable logo, and a trusted name throughout the entire lifecycle of their technical investment.
  • On-Site Visitation: One visit per year by a technician (for deployments of over 25 headsets, US-Only).
  • In-House Repair Services: Our dedicated technicians provide in-house repair services, minimizing downtime and ensuring quick turnaround for any device issues.

    Investing in Your Success:

    Reboot Remote is specifically designed with the unique challenges of Spatial Computing/XR device support in mind. Primary tangible benefits include:

    • Reduced IT burden: Our team handles all headset-related issues, freeing IT staff.
    • Enhanced Experience: Consistent and reliable equipment usability drives better engagement and outcomes.
    • Maximized Resources: Our proactive approach ensures that spatial/XR devices are utilized effectively with reduced downtime, optimizing the school's investment in technology.

    Experience the future of spatial computer / XR device management with Reboot Remote. Unleash the full potential of your hardware while we handle all the boring work.

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