Is Location-Based Entertainment The Future?

By 2023, location-based entertainment (LBE) is expected to account for almost 11% of the Imersive Technology (VR, AR, MR) industry. It is gaining massive popularity due to the exceptional, shared entertainment it provides. Perhaps, it’s the next generation of entertainment technology because of the distinguished, exhilarating experience it offers, bringing users together for unforgettable moments.

Outstanding  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) experiences blend the emotional power of storytelling, the exhilaration of carnival rides, and cutting-edge immersive technology to build stories and realms that form a new kind of entertainment.

But what exactly is location-based entertainment and why is it getting so much hype? Read on to find out.

In this article, we’ll explore the key benefits of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) and why you should hire a dedicated Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) support and services company to make the most of your investment.

What is Location-Based Entertainment?

Location-based entertainment is a type of entertainment that happens in a particular setting such as swimming pools, waterparks, theme parks, arcades, malls, and any family entertainment centers. It usually involves designing a physical space that’s fortified with tools, props, and other things required to create a truly immersive experience.

Taking immersive technology a step forward,  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE)  isn’t a single-player experience. It is designed for several players, helping them experience the same sounds, feelings, and visualizations together as a group.

In recent times, Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) has become the talk of the town –from one of the world’s most immersive experiences like Ghostbusters: Dimension, to revolutionizing arcade experiences such as Mario Kart VR. These experiences physically place the users in a customized space, furnished with sophisticated VR devices that are either installed in the vicinity or carried as a backpack.

Industry experts are already lauding location-based entertainment as the future of retail & commercial enterainment. Here are a few stats that show how  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) is the next big thing in the entertainment industry:

  • In 2016,  Location-Based Entertainment Virtual Reality (LBE VR)  was actually the fastest-growing licensed product category with a 32% jump in value in less than a year.
  • In 2019, the North American region dominated the Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) market with a share of 7%.
  • From 2019 to 2025, the global market size of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) is likely to increase at a CAGR of 1%.
  • Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) is expected to grow to a $12 billion market by the end of 2023.
  • The US Government is actively supporting Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) and themed attractions, including international support in Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) services for individuals, companies, and consortiums with 51% of US content.
  • Between 2021 and 2024, spending on Virtual Reality (VR) and Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) systems is expected to grow between 75 to 100%

Some of the main factors that are driving the Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) market growth include:

  • Increasing customer expenditure on games and video content
  • Growing mass user adoption of Augmented Reality (AR) , Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) entertainment services
  • Increasing need for more engaging out-of-home entertainment options

Benefits of Location-Based Entertainment

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) isn’t just hype. It offers tons of benefits for individuals as well as companies including:

1. Better Engagement

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) is gradually transforming the idea of entertainment. The popularity of gamification in the Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) setup proves how video gaming has a huge influence.

High-end immersive technology continues to change the way people consume media and interact with the larger world. The continuous digitalization of our world is changing some of our most rudimentary ideas of what “place” means.

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) allows users to experience more immersive, shareable, persuasive, collaborative, bespoke, and social experiences from their preferred location, which means venues will have to advance to compete.

As players become part of the story world that spans virtual and physical realms, Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) offers better user engagement. Think about visiting a wildlife park and getting the ability to become your favorite animal in its natural habitat. Be it a jaguar in the Amazon rainforests, a leopard shark on the Great Barrier Reef, a chimpanzee in Tanzania, or even an insect in your courtyard. Sounds exciting, right?

2. Powerful Storytelling

The biggest benefit of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) is participatory storytelling. This type of entertainment is already on its way to becoming the main form of media down the road, and we can’t ignore its growth.

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) games are already more diverse in form than traditional arcade games, movies, and television. They are an extremely adaptable medium with quickly expanding boundaries. Think of LBE as a mode of interactive storytelling that any company can use to share its story.

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) offers endless possibilities – not just in terms of the kinds of interactive content it can provide, but also in terms of goals, monetization, setup, and scale. Its potential for theme parks and family entertainment centers might be instantly evident. However, it’s a form of storytelling that could just as easily be used by academies, cultural heritage sites, parks, swimming clubs, and more.

3. More Revenue Opportunities

If you own a bowling alley, amusement park, or arcade, Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) is a great opportunity for you to grow your income substantially. That’s because customers are always in search of new experiences outside of the home.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic and travel bans have forced people to avoid traveling. This means people can’t go out to their favorite places till travel restrictions are eased. But, with Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), businesses can bring their customers’ favorite destinations to their neighborhood parks or malls, encouraging them to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences without the hefty price tag.

Moreover, location-based Virtual Reality (VR) provides you with an outstanding opportunity to distinguish your offerings from competitors with a unique attraction. Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) experiences are still an innovation, they are stimulating and impressive. Implementing Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) systems offers a competitive advantage and a brand lift to any business.

4. Proven Business Models

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is already effectively implemented in entertainment and leisure businesses across the globe and has many successful business models. Location-Based Entertainment Virtual Reality (LBE VR) brings in more revenue, creates contented and recurring consumers, and generates good returns on investment. 

This is mainly because Virtual Reality (VR) revolves around important components like head-mounted displays, remarkable content, controllers, and tracker technology –all managed by a coordinated content management system (CMS). The hardware part of Virtual Reality (VR) has now attained a maturity level that makes this technology reasonable, consistent, and accessible.

5. Greater Relevance

Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) helps businesses stay relevant and attractive in a time where everyone is experiencing aggressive competition from in-home entertainment possibilities. It’s becoming more challenging to get potential consumers off their sofa and into a venue. Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) technology is setting the pace for an extraordinary and captivating experience worth leaving the comfort of your home and Virtual Reality is doing just that.

Another important driving force is the social aspect as Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) allows people to enjoy themselves as a group. Therefore, Location-Based Entertainment Virtual Reality (LBE VR) attractions make Virtual Reality (VR) social, and social is the new cool!

Using  Location-Based Entertainment Virtual Reality (LBE VR), companies can offer new and exciting attractions that make users return to your venue. By regularly creating new experiences, you can keep your existing consumers entertained and they might bring new users along.

You’ll be able to offer a range of experiences catering to a diverse audience using the same investment. A lot of the content out there is designed precisely toward that repeat potential. By creating brief and enjoyable experiences, you can make your users want to play again.

6. Better Flexibility

As Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) offers multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) attractions, it is flexible in its usage and addresses a wider demographic and applications. Therefore, it works great for high-profile corporate events, gaming contests, gatherings, team-building activities, and other group events. Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) attractions also charm non-playing audiences as most attractions show gameplay, amusing others while they’re waiting for their turn.

Over time, Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) content has also developed and existed for almost any target group or demographic. This makes it easier to integrate Virtual Reality (VR) into existing locations to take the whole experience to the next level.  Location-Based Entertainment Virtual Reality (LBE VR) is now part of packages with several attractions and activities, introducing the technology to new users and creating more sales.

Reasons You Should Hire a Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) Support Company

Whether you’re planning to adopt  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) or are already using immersive technologies in your venues, hiring a support company is important for several reasons including:

1. Seamless Installation

Deploying Immersive pods in your cafes, malls, commercial buildings, offices, shopping centers, or residential complexes has its own set of challenges. An  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) support company can help you deploy the right technology easily so that you can enjoy a faster return and lower operational complexity.

Even if you’re having a live event, they can help add a new dimension to it with VR, AR, and other technologies, transporting your audiences to the past, the future, or a parallel universe.

2. Little to No Downtime

Having a dedicated support company on stand-by for  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) machines means your computers are never down for too long. This ensures business continuity so that you keep generating income.

Many support providers offer full-service capability that takes care of all on-location requirements for your  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE)  experience anywhere across the globe – from hardware provision and setup to continuing maintenance and support.

3. Support beyond Maintenance

The success of  a Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) venue or experience also depends on the availability of persuasive and high-quality content that appeals to a wider demographic. A dedicated  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) support and services partner can not only help you maintain your immersive entertainment machines but also guide you about how to create more effective content.

With years of experience working with different clients, they know what sells and engages the audiences and can help you plan a successful content strategy that outdoes your competitors. They can even help you create spectacular multiplayer, mixed reality experiences that are carefully designed to take users into incredible stories and explore new realms.

From multiuser games to shared arts experiences, they can work on immersive theatrical, musical, and gaming projects for  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) .

4. Choice of Right Technology

To leverage the benefits of  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) , companies have to make an initial investment that supports building out an experience that seizes users’ attention and makes them keep coming back for more.

An Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) support company has expertise in creating a variety of experiences such as bowling, arcade games, rides, activations and Immersive technology experiences. They can help you choose the best activities, tools, and technologies for your venue, keeping in mind everything – from equipment durability to choosing the  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) technology that best fits your business.

They can even create and support experiences intended for pop-ups and touring events. Their knowledgeable team can handle quick arrangement and takedown – from prestigious festivals to on-the-road events with several dates.

5. Ongoing Support

An Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) support company has a strong network of vendors and manufacturers in many spaces. This means they can provide clients with the best equipment for their particular needs.

Whether you want to add a new gaming room, vending equipment, display, or kiosk, or are ready to make a leap to immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), an  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) support partner can help you make an informed decision. They not only help you choose the right equipment but also offer ongoing support to ensure that your systems keep working optimally all year long.

Embrace the Advantages of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) with Reboot Imagine

At Reboot Imagine, we are working at the forefront of  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) – from recognized worldwide entertainment properties to new ideas targeting to change the game. We offer memorable, world-class virtual reality support for family entertainment centers, amusement parks, arcades, resorts, and more.

We enable businesses to safely embrace the advantages of  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) and tap into new revenues at an accessible price. We are a one-stop-shop for support, purchasing new and used equipment that has been verified by our experts, installation, maintenance, and more.

We make accessible solutions for independent providers to showcase and operate their own  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) experience. venue or activation, whether that be games, art, or experiences built in Virtual Reality (VR) and/or related technologies. We cover everything from concept and content, to installation and support.

We will work closely with you to tailor both equipment and financing needs to maximize your investment. Once we help you purchase the tools and equipment, we’ll stay by your side via training programs and ongoing maintenance services along with keeping you updated on the state-of-the-art industry trends.

Let us help you bring the magic of  Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) to your location. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help your business.

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