The Role of Managed Services in VR

The Role of Managed Services in VR

Whether you call it Spatial Computing/XR or Virtual Reality (VR), it's undeniable that implementations of this technology have emerged as game-changers for education, productivity, business, and entertainment.

However, successful implementation and management of VR hardware and software requires specialized IT expertise. Reboot Imagine’s managed services confidently lead the way in solving these challenges today.

The Role of Managed Service Providers in VR

  • Tailored Provisioning: We take care of procurement and provisioning, including additional accessories, ensuring that every company has solutions specifically designed to meet their unique goals and requirements.
  • IT Support for VR: We provide broad, expert IT support with a focus on VR to ensure these systems run smoothly and to troubleshoot any problems that arise, even those unrelated to VR hardware, such as networking, cloud or PC streaming, or environment-related tracking reliability.
  • RMA & Repair Services: In case of hardware failures, we manage RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and provide in-house repair services, ensuring quick resolution and minimal impact on operations.

Reboot Imagine: Pioneering IT Support in VR

Reboot Imagine sets the standard for IT support in VR. As a full-service partner, Reboot Imagine offers comprehensive solutions for procuring and managing VR devices, immersive spaces, and simulation labs.

Our services go beyond providing VR equipment. Reboot Imagine offers pilot planning, hardware provisioning, on-site installations, 24/7 IT support, and RMA & in-house repair services.

This ensures clients can seamlessly integrate VR technology into their operations and leverage it to its full potential with complete confidence.

Additionally, Reboot Imagine provides vendor services, focusing on provisioning, deployment, and technical support for hardware and software vendors offering VR solutions.

A true one-stop-shop experience for the VR industry.

IT support is the backbone of successful VR implementation in a company. By ensuring smooth operation, continuous support, and quick resolution of issues, IT support enables companies to leverage VR technology effectively and efficiently. Leading the way in this field is Reboot Imagine, setting the standard for IT support in VR. Please contact us at or by phone at +1 800-621-3064.

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