Case Study: Xtreme Action Park Escape Room Upgrade to the Meta Quest 2

Problem: Xtreme Action Park, a location-based entertainment center, was struggling with the weight and setup time of their 6-player virtual reality escape room. Despite the high-end VR experiences offered by the original setup, which was comprised of 6 MSI VR One backpacks featuring RTX 1070 GPUs, the setup was proving inefficient with Xtreme’s high traffic.

Solution: To address these challenges, Xtreme Action Park upgraded to 6 Meta Quest 2s, offering a rich and tetherless VR experience. The upgrade was made easy by the fact that Xtreme was able to use their existing platform, vrCAVE.

Result: The installation of the Meta Quest 2s was incredibly straightforward, and the calibration process was a breeze. The upgrade has allowed Xtreme Action Park to continue offering immersive and high-end VR experiences, while improving the efficiency of their setup.

Conclusion: Xtreme Action Park’s upgrade to the Meta Quest 2 has proven to be a successful solution to the challenges they faced with their original virtual reality escape room setup. The upgrade has allowed Xtreme to continue offering top-notch VR experiences while improving efficiency and streamlining the overall process. The team at Xtreme Action Park highly recommends that all location-based entertainment centers consider adding VR escape rooms to their offerings and consider upgrading to the Meta Quest 2 for a rich and tetherless experience.

Location: https://xtremeactionpark.com/
Software Platform: https://www.vrcave.ca/