VRIUM Robotics & Amusement Park

VRIUM Robotics & Amusement Park

Reboot Imagine, a leading provider of VR hardware and support services, is proud to be the services & support provider for VRium Techno Park, Alabama’s first virtual reality and robotics amusement park. With a focus on providing the most thrilling and innovative experiences, VRium leadership sought out the expertise of Reboot Imagine to help bring his business and vision to life.

From the very beginning, Reboot Imagine worked closely with the team at VRium to ensure that the park would have the right mix of virtual reality and mixed reality amusements to appeal to a wide range of visitors. This involved carefully evaluating the available VR hardware and software solutions, as well as making recommendations for the best VR systems for VRium’s specific needs.

Once the hardware was selected, Reboot Imagine’s team of experienced technicians went to work installing and setting up the VR systems. They also provided extensive training to the VRium staff, so they could operate and maintain the VR systems with ease and confidence.

The end result is a cutting-edge virtual reality and robotics amusement park that offers visitors a truly immersive and unforgettable experience. With over 20 virtual reality and mixed reality amusements, a 7D cinema, and daily robotics and artificial intelligence variety shows, VRium is a unique and exciting destination that is sure to become a popular attraction.

Reboot Imagine’s commitment to providing the best possible VR hardware and support services was instrumental in making VRium Techno Park a reality. By working closely with the VRium team and providing support, Reboot Imagine helped ensure that the park would have the best possible VR experiences, and that visitors would be able to enjoy these experiences with peace of mind.

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