The Broken Controller VR Experience

The Broken Controller VR Experience

Reboot Imagine is honored to showcase a comprehensive case study on The Broken Controller VR Experience - a pioneering entertainment venue that represents the inaugural deployment of our advanced RebootXR system. This case exemplifies the full spectrum of services Reboot Imagine offers, illustrating our capabilities in facilitating every phase of an entertainment project, from the embryonic concept stage to the exhilarating moment of its grand opening.

Project Scope:

Our engagement with The Broken Controller encompassed an extensive scope, commencing with foundational consulting for their groundbreaking entertainment venue launch, and incorporating sophisticated XR consultation. Our specialists provided a wide array of tailored solutions, including the creation of distinctive logo and icon designs, informed product selection, efficient layout planning, and collaborative interactions with the architectural team - a testament to our all-encompassing involvement in the project.

Key Activities:

In partnership with the construction team, Reboot Imagine actively participated in on-site management of licensed electricians, low voltage technicians, and other technical professionals. Our team played a pivotal role in the mapping of security cameras, low voltage mapping and deployment, and managed the intricate process of hardware deployment for the cashless system, including conducting regular configuration calls.

Our diverse service range extended further to include sourcing and installation of vintage arcade machines, and facilitating the arrival and setup of headline attractions, such as Sim Gear, Phenomena VR Arena, and ValoClimb. In keeping with our commitment to comprehensive support, we provided on-site, in-depth employee training and collaborated in the development and implementation of the KAT VR Platform.

As the countdown to the opening began, our team remained on-site, providing support and preparation assistance for the grand opening. We facilitated the sourcing of uniforms and merchandise, devised opening and closing procedures, checklists, and created detailed training manuals for all attractions. The setup of the server room also fell within our range of responsibilities.


As part of our multifaceted service provision, The Broken Controller became the debut adopter of our innovative RebootXR system. This case demonstrates the breadth and depth of Reboot Imagine’s dedicated services, showcasing our expertise in coordinating every aspect of a new entertainment venue’s launch. The Broken Controller represents not just a completed project, but a triumphant collaboration that symbolizes the significant contributions Reboot Imagine can make to the Location Based Entertainment (LBE) industry.

This success story is merely the opening chapter of our journey, as we continue to innovate and reshape the spatial computing/XR industry. Our collaborative endeavor with The Broken Controller represents the start of an exciting narrative, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity for future collaborations and expansions.

Note: Due to operational challenges related to managing multiple omnidirectional treadmills and the significant staffing and labor investments required to ensure high-level quality operations, the leadership has decided to pivot away from use of the omnidirectional platform. Instead, Leadership is now focusing on turn-key automated all-in-one headset environments. This strategic shift allows us to streamline operations and provide a more seamless and efficient experience for our clients.


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