Racing Simulator Conversion to VR

Racing Simulator Conversion to VR

Dezerland Park in Miami was facing a challenge with its old analog car racing simulators. The equipment was outdated, broke down frequently, and lacked engagement for customers. In order to bring a new level of excitement to their customers, Dezerland Park decided to repurpose their existing racing cars into state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) racing simulators.

Reboot Imagine was tasked with the challenge of reusing as much existing hardware as possible to save costs and still create a high-quality VR racing experience. To accomplish this, Reboot Imagine installed VR headsets and responsive racing wheels with pedals, as well as fans to enhance the immersive experience. The computers were optimized for the best possible performance and licensed games were added to provide an engaging experience for players.

The result of the conversion was a significant upgrade for Dezerland Park. The park now boasts three VR racing simulators that draw a lot of attention from visitors. Large projectors display live-action footage of the players in-game, and also play promotional videos of the games when idle. The VR racing simulators have become a hit with customers, who are drawn in by the immersive experience and competitive gameplay.

One key learning from the VR racing simulator conversion project was the importance of reusing existing hardware. By doing so, Dezerland Park was able to save time and money, and still provide a high-quality experience for their customers. Additionally, the placement of the simulators near the go-kart arena has proven to be a strategic move, as it draws even more attention and entices customers to try the VR experience. Overall, the VR racing simulator conversion project was a successful upgrade that has brought a new level of excitement and engagement to Dezerland Park in Miami.

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