Free-Roam Arena Upgrade

Free-Roam Arena Upgrade

Dezerland Park in Miami had a free-roam VR arena, but it was facing low customer turnout due to the limited games available. The park had already invested heavily in hardware, so the management was reluctant to purchase a new platform. This is where Reboot Imagine stepped in to help.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to find a solution that would allow Dezerland Park to reuse as much of its existing hardware as possible and still offer a rich and engaging VR experience to customers. The park also needed a VR management system with a flexible licensing fee and a variety of games that could appeal to a wide range of customers.

The Solution:

Reboot Imagine took the existing PC backpacks and upgraded the headsets to HTC Vive Pro, using a custom cable created specifically for the park. The new tracking system was installed and calibrated to a 30ft by 30ft free-roam arena, and a computer was set up to control the VR management system. In case of any technical issues, Reboot Imagine installed a remote management system, so it could connect and fix any issues from a distance.

The park was provided with different VR management system options, and Reboot Imagine worked closely with the owners to choose the best option for their operation and customers. The operators were also trained on how to use the management system, controllers, VR guns, and headsets, to ensure a smooth operation.


The result of the upgrade was a stunning 4-player free-roam VR experience with different games suitable for all ages. Dezerland Park finally had a space that was being used, and customers were excited to try the VR experience after seeing others play. The park also played promotional videos on a TV at all times to attract even more customers.


Dezerland Park was able to save a significant amount of money by reusing the PC backpacks and upgrading the headsets. The custom cable created by Reboot Imagine allowed the park to use high-quality headsets. The remote management system ensured that there was never more than 15 minutes of downtime, and Reboot Imagine was always available to provide support. The park is now able to sell its previous tracking system, which is a bonus outcome of the upgrade.

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