Expanding Offerings to VR

Expanding Offerings to VR

All In Adventures in Buffalo, New York was looking to expand its offerings to virtual reality. The owners have no experience with VR, so they need help choosing the best layout, system, hardware, and games for location-based VR.

Setup a 4 player VR experience with multiplayer capabilities. Design cable management system to feel tether less and hide cables for aesthetic purposes. Setup VR management system and suggest games. Train staff.

Installed 4 VR stations using VR Wire cable management system, placed foam tiles along 2 walls to hide cables, optimized computers, and set up Viveport Arcade with 6 games. Provided detailed tutorials on how to set up, use, and clean hardware and software.

Buffalo now offers VR experiences for all ages using Viveport Arcade Manager, which is very easy for both staff and customers to use and has many game options. The owners can try different games and change licensing terms based on performance.

Having Reboot Imagine to help design space, choose management system and games, and train staff made implementing VR a much easier process for Buffalo, NY.

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