Reboot Imagine Announces Strategic Partnership with VOY

Reboot Imagine Announces Strategic Partnership with VOY

Reboot Imagine is excited to announce a strategic partnership with VOY, a leading provider of tunable vision correction VR inserts. This alliance will introduce VOY’s cutting-edge selection of VR inserts for the Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Lenovo ThinkReality VRX to Reboot Imagine’s spatial computing/XR offerings.

VOY’s tunable VR inserts are revolutionizing the VR industry. They offer vision correction through a simple tuning slider, making them an ideal solution for shared use.

These inserts are equipped with advanced features such as a scratch-resistant, anti-glare coating, high impact resistance, thin high index 1.61 material, and blue light blocking.

Laura Piza, COO of Reboot Imagine, stated, “Deeper, meaningful connections in VR only happen when you are fully immersed, but using glasses with a VR headset can often cause discomfort, reducing immersion. With the VOY VR inserts, that is no longer a problem. I can use a VR headset comfortably without my glasses and enjoy VR without compromising visual quality loss.”

George Zhao, Founder & CEO of VOY Glasses, expressed enthusiasm, 'We are thrilled to partner with Reboot Imagine in addressing the last mile solutions for XR and Spatial Computing in various industries. Our innovative tunable lens inserts will alleviate accessibility challenges in the use of XR Spatial Computing. We are committed to fostering positive change in the adoption of XR and Spatial Computing.”

With this partnership, Reboot Imagine’s clients will have access to an even wider range of customization options for the Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 and Lenovo ThinkReality VRX, ensuring that users can fully optimize the headset experience even further, thanks to Reboot Imagine.

About VOY

VOY specializes in developing advanced tunable lens technology for spatial computing, XR, and eyewear applications. Its award-winning tunable lens inserts offer an adaptive vision solution by providing multiple users visual clarity with a simple knob adjustment, making spatial computing and XR more accessible in both enterprise and consumer environments.

About Reboot Imagine

Reboot Imagine is a spatial computing/XR full-service partner, providing expertise in managing, procuring, installing, and supporting headsets, as well as successfully running immersive spaces, simulation labs, and experiences. Your one-stop shop for all things spatial computing/XR.

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