Reboot Imagine and ArborXR Join Forces to Revolutionize Spatial Computing/XR Solutions

Reboot Imagine and ArborXR Join Forces to Revolutionize Spatial Computing/XR Solutions

Miami, FL - November 28, 2023. Reboot Imagine, a spatial computing / XR Managed Service Provider focused on hardware and software procurement, deployments, and ongoing IT support for enterprise and entertainment, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with ArborXR, a leading enterprise XR mobile device management (MDM) software platform. ArborXR simplifies the process of managing fleets of headsets, deploying apps and files remotely, and controlling the in-headset experience.

This partnership is poised to enhance the infrastructure for confident Work-From-Home, Remote, and Hybrid setups for forward-facing and modernizing companies. It offers comprehensive solutions to address the intricate logistics, knowledge, and support hurdles associated with adopting spatial computing/XR technology. This includes procuring hardware, managing devices, scaling deployments seamlessly, and providing robust, on-demand hardware-agnostic technical support.

ArborXR will power Reboot Imagine’s mobile device management allowing the 24/7 support team to assist clients seamlessly. By partnering with Reboot Imagine, ArborXR gains a dynamic and forward-thinking ally capable of meeting the logistical on-site needs that companies worldwide need.

Jose Santiago, CEO and Founder of Reboot Imagine, emphasized the seamlessness of this partnership with ArborXR, highlighting their shared vision for the market. “We are incredibly excited to be working with ArborXR and its vast network of partners. Together we can provide true confident adoption of spatial computing / XR across all types of businesses and really push the industry forward.”

“ArborXR is always looking for ways to make XR deployments frictionless for enterprises. Partnering with Reboot Imagine is another way we offer companies and schools the option to outsource all the difficult aspects of setting up, procuring, and managing an XR program. We’re working together to make managing an XR deployment easy,” said Brad Scoggin, CEO and Founder of ArborXR.

This partnership between Reboot Imagine and ArborXR signifies the next step in Reboot Imagine's ongoing leadership in spatial computing/XR managed services, destined to create ripples across industries. The future belongs to spatial computing/XR, and Reboot Imagine and ArborXR stand at the forefront of this exhilarating journey.


About Reboot Imagine:

Reboot Imagine specializes in delivering end-to-end XR solutions, encompassing hardware and software procurement, deployment, and continuous IT support. With Reboot Remote™️ managed support services at the helm, our commitment lies in ensuring the vigilant monitoring and security of your device network, complemented by 24/7 technical support. Our dedicated Enterprise Store offers an array of solutions tailored to your specific use case, featuring spatial computing hardware, software licensing, MDM, and sanitation solutions.

About ArborXR:

ArborXR is the leading XR software platform enabling enterprise and education to easily deploy and manage AR/VR at scale. With an industry-first XR directory showcasing top developers and apps, ArborXR is accelerating XR adoption to transform learning, training and collaboration. Visit
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