Reboot Imagine and Acadicus Join Forces to Build Cutting-Edge VR Labs for Healthcare Simulation

Reboot Imagine and Acadicus Join Forces to Build Cutting-Edge VR Labs for Healthcare Simulation

Miami, FL – 2/13/2024 – Reboot Imagine, a leading provider of spatial computing/XR solutions and support, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Acadicus, a pioneer in virtual reality healthcare simulation. This collaboration will enable medical and healthcare organizations to deliver powerful simulated clinical experiences through the seamless integration of Acadicus' VR platform with Reboot Imagine's expert managed hardware services.

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

Simplified VR Implementation: Reboot Imagine will provide pre-configured hardware solutions with the Acadicus platform, streamlining the deployment process.

Enhanced Training Efficiency: Acadicus' library of pre-built VR scenarios and custom creation tools enable educators to create realistic and engaging training simulations, leading to faster skill acquisition and improved knowledge retention.

Expert Deployments and Support: Reboot Imagine's comprehensive managed services, including Reboot Remote, will ensure smooth operation, enhanced security, and optimal performance of the VR training systems.

"Partnering with Acadicus allows us to offer a powerful solution that combines our expertise in spatial computing hardware with their innovative VR software platform," said Jose Santiago, CEO & Founder of Reboot Imagine. "Together, we are making it easier than ever for medical and healthcare simulation programs to deliver unparalleled training experiences that lead to better patient care."

"With so many schools building VR labs, some don't have the in-house resources to handle hardware procurement and support.  For those that prefer to outsource this process, Reboot Imagine is a great trusted partner they can work with to ensure a seamless and successful integration of a VR lab into their program," said Jon Brouchoud, CEO at Arch Virtual, developers of Acadicus.

About Reboot Imagine:

Reboot Imagine is your trusted partner for all things XR/spatial computing. We provide a full range of services, from provisioning and installation to support and maintenance, to ensure your immersive spaces, simulation labs, and experiences run seamlessly and successfully. With Reboot Remote, our comprehensive suite of managed services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your XR systems are always operating at peak performance.

About Acadicus:

Acadicus is a VR training platform that provides simulated clinical experience in a safe and controlled environment.  It combines an expansive library of flexible simulations, patients, and environments with powerful tools and templates that allow instructors to create their own scenarios from scratch.

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