Introducing, Reboot Remote.

Introducing, Reboot Remote.

As a provider of Spatial Computing/XR solutions, you're dedicated to delivering the best possible experience. But managing the complexities of hardware deployments, support, and provisioning can become a significant hurdle to scale operations.

Introducing, Reboot Remote.

Reboot Remote streamlines the complexities of Spatial Computing/XR device management and support. We alleviate IT burdens, enhance equipment performance, simplify procurement processes, provisioning and optimize your Spatial/XR investment. 

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Investing in Your Success:

Reboot Remote is specifically designed with the unique challenges of Spatial Computing/XR device support in mind. Primary tangible benefits include:

  • Reduced IT burden: Our team handles all headset-related issues, freeing IT staff.
  • Enhanced Experience: Consistent and reliable equipment usability drives better engagement and outcomes.
  • Simplified Procurement & Management: Forget the hassle! We handle the heavy work, from selecting the perfect hardware (we're hardware and software agnostic!) to provisioning and deploying devices directly to your business.
  • Maximized Resources: Our proactive approach ensures that spatial/XR devices are utilized effectively with reduced downtime, optimizing the school's investment in technology.


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