High-End Equipment & Specialists to Boost your project to reality!

The Location-Based Entertainment industry is gaining ground when it comes to providing customers with high-tech virtual, augmented, and mixed reality immersive experiences. The massively growing popularity of this business is not only drawing the attention of customers, but also welcoming more businesses towards this sector. Competition is getting tougher with time but the options for immersive entertainment hardware and software options are increasing.

Whether you’re looking to create a 360-video companion piece or complex mixed reality application, our VR consultation services offer end-to-end strategic solutions that bring together the best cutting-edge industry talent to deliver Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality projects – from conceptualization through to production and promotion – ensuring delivery that both fits into and supercharges your brand objectives.

Like all technology, gaming consoles and VR Headsets can break or just go bad! Things happen and no one understands that like us.

Reboot Imagine is proud to offer specialized and custom service for immersive technology headsets including popular ones like the HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Oculus Systems, including Base Stations, Controllers, Vive Wands. Etc. Even the ones not listed, please reach out!

HTC Vive Wand Repair

Headset and Controller Repairs are performed in our store with factory OEM and refurbished parts, and due to the volume of requests we are now accepting shipments of headsets directly to our location.

Once you’ve contacted us about your damaged VR device and decided to move forward with the repair, we will send you a shipping label for your item.

Starting from $75.00

Meta Quest / Oculus Headset Line

Starting from $175

Meta Support takes an extensive time for warranty replacements and their repair centers are unavailable to be reached via phone. We here at Reboot Imagine are specialists in this hardware and confidently provide repairs for these headsets confidently.

Samsung Odyssey Headset Line

Starting from $275

Samsung has in-store repair centers that provide headset support but do not have any repair options available. And the repair options are through a mail in service with an ambiguous delivery date.

HP Reverb Headset Line

Starting from $200

HP will ask you to ship in their headsets to repair. The ETA can be ambiguous and the reviews on repairs are not as good as they should be. With Reboot Imagine you can trust we will work on your device expeditiously.

HTC VIVE headset line

Starting from $200

You can either ship it to HTC or HTC can let you know how to fix it yourself. If you’re technical, go for the latter. If not, play it safe and get it done by Reboot Imagine

Pimax Headset Line

Starting from $200

Pimax support has an extensive disclaimer of what is under warranty and what is not covered. With Reboot Imagine you can trust we will take good care of your issues.

Varjo Headset Line

Starting from $500

Varjo VR support is another mail it away and hold your breath service. Feel free to mail it to us or walk in with confidence. We will see your repair service through on your Varjo VR headset.