Reboot XR - XR4 / XR6

Turn-key spatial computing / XR Solution for seamless adoption and innovation in next-generation technologies. ***Starting at $30,000.00 USD


  • Hardware Warranty
  • Reboot Imagine 24/7/365 On-Demand XR IT Support
  • Wi-Fi 6E for Reliable Wireless PCVR / Free-Roam
  • Freedom of Independence. No Hidden Licensing or Fees.
  • 4K60fps Capture Equipment for Streaming & Recording **(Model Specific)
  • Compatible with All Leading XR & PC VR Licensing Platforms
  • Start a VR Arcade or Free Roam Arena In Minutes


  • XR Development
  • Simulation Training
  • Virtual Production
  • VR Arcades & eSports
  • VR Arcades & eSports
  • Music Production
  • Location-Based Entertainment
  • Game Studio Development
  • Streaming & Broadcasting
  • Military and Defense
  • Law and Public Safety
  • Health Care and Medicine
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Oil and Gas
  • Education and Research
  • Automotive
  • Size:

    The Reboot XR is an advanced Turn-Key Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality solution, expertly crafted for businesses aiming to open an XR LAB, Arcade or launch a location-based experience and more!. This all-encompassing package provides you with everything necessary to establish a thriving and captivating enviorment or business. It features two system variants, the XR4 and XR6, both of which deliver a seamless XR enviorment setup, efficient equipment installation by professionals, and customized solutions designed for your success.

    Industries Served

    • VR Arcades & eSports: Perfect for creating engaging and immersive gaming experiences, the Reboot XR Arcade Edition is a top choice for businesses focusing on competitive gaming and VR arcades.
    • Location-Based Entertainment: Designed to captivate audiences in various settings, the Reboot XR Arcade Edition caters to amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and other location-based entertainment venues.
    • Free-Roam VR: The system is suitable for free-roam VR experiences, allowing participants to explore virtual environments without the constraints of physical boundaries.
    • Education & Training: The Reboot XR Arcade Edition can also be utilized in educational and training settings, providing an immersive and interactive learning and skill development platform.
    • Military and Defense: For simulation of battlefield scenarios, tactical planning, and equipment operation training.
    • Law Enforcement and Public Safety: For incident response training, crime scene reconstruction, and tactical decision-making simulations.
    • Healthcare and Medicine: For surgical training, anatomy education, and patient care simulations.
    • Aviation and Aerospace: For pilot training, flight simulations, and spacecraft operation.
    • Engineering and Architecture: For virtual walkthroughs, structural visualizations, and project planning.
    • Oil and Gas: For safety training, equipment operation, and disaster response simulations.
    • Education and Research: For interactive learning experiences, historical recreations, and scientific visualizations.
    • Automotive: For vehicle design, manufacturing simulations, and driver training.

    **Remember, these are just a few examples. The versatility of the Reboot XR allows it to be applied in virtually any industry that can benefit from immersive, realistic simulation and visualization experiences.

    Reboot XR : Optimal Solution

    Reboot XR is an optimal solution for businesses looking for a comprehensive, adaptable suite of services and capabilities, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each industry it’s deployed in.

    What's Included
    Technical Specifications
    XR4 vs XR6

    Next-Generation Services & Support

    Reboot Imagine is a technology company that provides turn-Key solutions for a variety of industries, including XR, arcades, theme parks, escape rooms, fitness centers, training centers, and location-based entertainment venues. Our team offers 24/7 US-based support for hardware, software, installation, training, and more to help clients create immersive and enjoyable experiences, driving revenue.