Tower Tag Powered by Reboot Imagine Services & Support

Reboot Imagine is proud to provide Services & Support for Tower-Tag, a cutting-edge virtual reality attraction. Tower-Tag is a unique multiplayer experience that combines VR technology with real-world tactics and strategy. Players are equipped with VR headsets and guns, and must work together to outmaneuver their opponents in a futuristic arena.

Reboot Imagine was brought on to provide IT Support for Tower-Tag, ensuring that every installation runs smoothly and that any technical issues are promptly addressed. With a focus on providing the best possible experience for players, Reboot Imagine is dedicated to ensuring that Tower-Tag’s innovative technology is always functioning at peak performance.

Tower-Tag has quickly become a popular attraction in the world of location-based entertainment, and is a must-try for anyone looking for an immersive and exciting VR experience. If you’re interested in learning more about Tower-Tag, you can check out their website at