Reboot Imagine Will be Attending BPAA BOWL EXPO 2022 in LAS VEGAS

Attending #BPAA Bowl Expo 2022 in LAS VEGAS? There’s no better time to get into Location-Based Entertainment! We are a team of Industry leading Services & Support specialists in Modern Entertainment Experiences, Arcades, Venues with a strong focus in Commercial Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies! 

We ensure our pricing is fair to give our clients the freedom to bring their ideas to reality. We provide industry-specific solutions while considering the culture, layout, and theme of the location so you can offer the most engaging, reliable, and cost-effective Entertainment.

  • General Services & Consulting
  • New Entertainment & Venue Consultations
  • Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Specialists
  • Amusement & Attraction Installation
  • Specialized Preventative Maintenance
  • Industry Knowledgeable Project Management
  • Location Based Entertainment Service Desk
  • & much more

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José Santiago


José Santiago
I come from an IT helpdesk background, having worked with top Fortune 500 IT companies in multiple roles, ranging from IT Support Project Manager to CTO, with over 15 years of experience ...
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