LEVEL UP! - The Next Steps

At Reboot Imagine, we have been focused pioneering the next generation of Services & Support for emerging entertainment technologies. We are a company that is strategically placed to be a powerful ally to this growing industry and not tied to a specific platform or vendor, like many of my competitors. If you are investing in a commercial entertainment and paying five to six figures and product, you should have a reliable team of specialists and a support mechanism that is always readily available – plain and simple. If you don’t, Reboot Imagine has a powerful team of specialists who are ready to deliver the best technical support along with industry-recognized customer service.

Investing in new technologies requires much more than just confidence and sales projections. That’s the easy part. Knowledgeable customer service is the key for mainstream adoption of commercial entertainment technology. 

We ensure that all our clients see our technicians like one of their team. We get as involved as the client needs us to be to ensure overall confidence in the product and operation of it. We have locations that have our techs so involved that we are a part of their daily chat groups! We do our best to ensure LONG-TERM success!

That’s what our campaign LEVEL UP! is all about. We are ready to show you how our services & support industry can help the industry. In the following weeks we will be dedicating blog posts to all our services and sharing a ton of fun information on how to set oneself up for success! We will be sharing insightful information that many would like to keep behind a paywall. 

Website Redesign – Check out our new look! We are very happy to announce that we have a dedicated web design group allowing us to expand our offerings to our clients! 

Knowledgebase – We will be sharing lots of fun information and content to better support and ensure enthusiasts and independent location-based entertainment technology owners can effectively troubleshoot their hardware or explore possible options. Stay tuned for details!

I’m thankful for the clients who have trusted us with their businesses and allow us to bring life to their ideas or take their existing hardware technologies to the next level through refurbishment and/or upgrade paths. It looks like in the next 5 years there will be many options in the hardware space. Unfortunately, many will have proprietary hardware and repairs that will be much more expensive. Thanks to the mechanisms Reboot Imagine has put in place in the industry, we will be ready to face the call and provide hardware services and repair for all emerging commercial XR Hardware & Software.

There’s so much more I wish I could announce at this time, but we are fine tuning a few more details before an official announcement is made. We thank you again for following this journey and are excited to show what’s to come!

José Santiago


José Santiago
I come from an IT helpdesk background, having worked with top Fortune 500 IT companies in multiple roles, ranging from IT Support Project Manager to CTO, with over 15 years of experience ...
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